We can all agree that the Philippine Army is a renowned organization that protects the nation’s sovereignty. And within this esteemed institution, there exists a well-defined hierarchy of Philippine army salary and ranks – each represents a unique level of responsibility and expertise. Being established on December 21, 1935, it’s important to shed light on the various ranks and corresponding salaries, after almost 89 years of foundation. With this in mind, let’s delve into the hierarchy of the Philippine Army – particularly those interested in joining the organization or simply curious about its structure.

Philippine Army Salary Grade 2023

Joining the Philippine Army means getting a heroic paycheck. The organization doesn’t just give you a job; it hands you a cape (metaphorically speaking) and pays you for wearing it. Now if you are curious about the Philippine army salary grade this year, here is the list that is your golden ticket to better savings and a secured job.


1. General – The highest rank in the Philippine Army, generals receive a competitive salary grade of PHP 149, 785.
2. Lieutenant general – The second-highest rank, lieutenant generals also occupy crucial positions within the army, and have a salary grade of PHP 125, 574.
3. Major general – Major generals hold important leadership positions and have a salary grade of PHP 102, 896.
4. Brigadier general – Brigadier generals are key figures in the Philippine Army and have a salary grade of PHP 91, 058.
5. Colonel – Colonels are respected officers in the Philippine Army, leading regiments with a salary grade of PHP 80, 583.
6. Lieutenant colonel – Lieutenant colonels hold positions of authority and responsibility within the army and have a salary grade of PHP 71, 313.
7. Major – A major in the organization holds a salary grade of PHP 62, 555.
8. Captain – Captains hold positions of command within platoons and have a salary grade of PHP 56, 582.
9. 1st Lieutenant – 1st lieutenants are emerging leaders in the army with a salary grade of PHP 49, 528.
10. 2nd lieutenants – They are entry-level officers. 2nd lieutenant Philippine army salary is PHP 43, 829.

Enlisted personnel

1. Chief master sergeant – The highest-ranking enlisted personnel in the Philippine Army receives a salary of PHP 34, 761.
2. Senior master sergeant – Senior Master Sergeants are commanding respect and responsibility and have a salary grade of PHP 34, 079.
3. Master sergeant – Master Sergeants are seasoned professionals. The master sergeant Philippine army salary is PHP 33, 411.
4. Technical sergeant –Technical Sergeants are highly skilled personnel with a salary of PHP 32, 756.
5. Staff sergeant – Staff Sergeants support operations and ensure the smooth functioning of units. They have a salary of PHP 32, 114.
6. Sergeant – Sergeants are non-commissioned officers with a salary of PHP 31, 484.
7. Corporal –Corporals are the backbone of the Philippine Army, serving as team leaders and supervisors. They have a salary of PHP 30, 687.
8. Private first class – These enlisted personnel have a salary grade of PHP 30, 261.
9. Private – Privates are the entry-level rank in the Philippine Army with a salary grade of PHP 29, 668.

Philippine Army Benefits

There are so many Philippine army benefits but one of the most significant they have is their comprehensive healthcare coverage. The Philippine army ensures that its officers, enlisted personnel, and their dependents receive quality medical services through their medical facilities and partnerships with the Philippines’ most reputable hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Financial stability is another advantage that the Philippine Army offers. As a soldier, you are entitled to a competitive salary, allowances, and various bonuses – this is evidently made possible with the Philippine army salary grade we mentioned above.

Philippine Army Ranks

Below is the official Philippine Army rank as of 2023:


1. General
2. Lieutenant general
3. Major general
4. Brigadier general
5. Colonel
6. Lieutenant colonel
7. Major
8. Captain
9. 1st lieutenant
10. 2nd lieutenant

Enlisted Personnel

1. Chief master sergeant
2. Senior master sergeant
3. Master sergeant
4. Technical sergeant
5. Staff sergeant
6. Sergeant
7. Corporal
8. Private first class
9. Private

How to join the Philippine Army?

If you have always dreamed of becoming a part of this esteemed institution, the first thing you have to do is to research the qualifications and take a look if you are qualified. Here are the qualifications to join the Philippine Army.

· Natural-born Filipino citizen
· Single with no children
· At least 5 feet tall
· Physically and mentally fit
· Of legal age (18 years old) up to 25 years’ old
· No pending cases in any court of law in and outside the country
· Completed at least 72 units or a Senior High School graduate

Once you are successful in completing these requirements, register online and wait for approval through your registered email. Finally, you can now proceed to examination, interview, physical and medical tests, and oath taking.


Remember, joining the Philippine Army requires commitment, dedication, and a strong sense of duty towards your country. It’s not just about the salary or benefits, but making sure that you are mentally and physically prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.